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Specialists Declared My Neuropathy Incurable… Until I Stumbled Upon This Game-Changer That Silenced My Pain Forever.

By Dr. Michael Edwards | Oct 11, 2023 | 4:44 pm EDT

It's tough to tell someone about neuropathy if they've never felt it. 

It's like many sharp things poking my feet all the time. It always burns and tingles. Neuropathy has made my life really hard.

It's hard for me to even walk to the bathroom. I can't go outside or play with my grandkids like before.

I remember when walking was easy. Now, every step hurts like I'm stepping on sharp rocks and hairpins.

I can't sleep because of the pain.

The hardest part is feeling like I make things tough for my family.

I used to do things on my own.

Now I need help all the time, for almost every activity.

I don't want to be a problem for anyone, but I need help now.

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I Relied on So Many Pills, Hoping for Just One Pain-Free Day

For almost ten years, Jim Lamers immersed himself in crafting innovative ways to turn the tides against neuropathy, devoting his expertise to bring back the joy of pain-free living to many.

Sadly, he passed in 2011, but his legacy remained.

Certificates and accolades gracefully decorated his office walls, while his website vibrated with heartfelt messages from people who regarded him as their savior from pain.

However, it was his groundbreaking discoveries about neuropathy that truly shook the world.

So I sought out those who had learned from him, and thats when I met Dr. Michael Edwards.

The jaw-dropping truths he unveiled about what genuinely causes neuropathy not only sent shivers down our spine but also illuminated the path that led to the creation of the Vibit TENS machine.

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That’s When I Discovered the Work of Australian Physiotherapist, Mr Jim Lamers…

Multiple times, my main doctor told me he couldn't fix my neuropathy.

All he did was give me more painkillers and said blatantly said I'd always feel this pain.

I didn't want to believe him.

With all the new tech and smart people today, how can there be no solution for my hurting feet?

So, I turned to the internet, hoping to find another way.

Soon enough, I came across something that might be the answer to what i needed.

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“The Nerves in Your Feet Are Dying and You Don’t Have Much Time to Save Them.”

Every nerve cell in our feet, like all cells in our body, needs a steady flow of oxygen to function.

Oxygen comes into our bodies through our lungs, is sent to our heart, and then transported to every part through our blood.

This process works great until age catches up with us.

That's because as we age, our total body water lessens, resulting in decreased fluid in our bloodstream and a lower overall blood volume.

When there's less blood in our body, it becomes tough for the heart to send enough oxygen to all our cells.

If you’re diabetic, this situation becomes EVEN grimmer, as high blood sugar makes blood vessels less flexible and makes them become narrow.

…Which further slows down blood flow.

And since your feet are the farthest from your heart, getting oxygen there takes much more time...

…Until eventually, the nerve cells in our feet begin to starve and die, leading to that fiery pain, intolerable tingling, and eventually…


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Let's be clear:

The nerve cells in your feet are literally starving and fading away at this moment because they aren’t receiving enough oxygen from your blood.

…And no pill in the world can stop it.

Medications Could Be Enflaming The Problem…

Your physician might have recommended Gabapentin or Lyrica for your neuropathy - but that might be making your pain WORSE.


Because painkillers merely mask the pain while doing nothing to halt your nerve cells from perishing.

As Dr. Michael Edwards clarified…

Imagine your car is screeching because it’s out of oil - and you simply blast the radio to drown out the noise.

You’re essentially ignoring the root cause of the problem.

Pain and tingling are alarm bells your body is ringing...

…And it’s vital to listen to them before it’s too late.

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Experiencing Pain and Tingling? Believe It or Not, That's Positive!

The burning and tingling come from nerve cells that are deteriorating.

…And once they perish, they simply lead to numbness.

So, if you're still experiencing that burn and tingle, it indicates some of your cells are still fighting.

Why does this matter?

Because, according to the National Institute of Health:

"Peripheral nerves can REGENERATE as long as the nerve cell itself hasn’t completely died"

Thus, as long as your feet aren't entirely numb, there's a window of opportunity to salvage the surviving nerve cells and reverse your neuropathy.

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Finally, Dr. Michael Edwards Revealed the Sole Path to Reversing Neuropathy

… It boils down to enhancing the blood flow to the feet.

If you manage to boost the blood circulation to your feet, ensuring nerve cells receive vital oxygen, your neuropathy could be eradicated for good.

But what's the strategy?

Conventional medicine often suggests that increasing physical activity can improve circulation.

But let’s be honest, movement is often the last thing we want when we’re dealing with pain.

So… What’s the alternative?

I asked the same question to Dr. Edwards.

And that's when I was introduced to the term:

Electrical Nerve Stimulation Therapy

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Innovative Breakthrough Technology Tackles Circulatory Issues and Reverses Neuropathy in Weeks

Dr. Michael Edwards referred me to a sports science startup, Vibit, that took the old style TENS device, and refined it to create the best Electrical Nerve Stimulation Therapy available on the market in 2023.

This technology propels a distinct blend of specialized electrical impulses deep into the foot’s tissue, immediately jumpstarting blood circulation…

…Simultaneously activating the precise nerves in your feet and encouraging the repair of harmed nerve cells.

…All without requiring you to move or even leave your chair.

This means that in just a few days, the nerves in your feet can start to repair and heal, alleviating the searing pain, tingling, and numbness…

…Freeing you to immerse yourself once again in the activities you love.

…Without the perpetual foot pain and swelling confining you within your own body.

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I Can Proudly Say That the Vibit TENS Machine Transformed My Life

The pain gradually dimmed, and the prickly tingling steadily vanished.

I honestly couldn’t believe it.

After enduring years of torment, I finally found peace.

Now I can walk without pain, stand as long as I need to, and even get a full night's sleep without being jolted awake by pain.

It's as if I've been handed a new chapter in life.

And I'm eager to reclaim all the lost moments I can.

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Vibit TENS Works Like This

The Vibit TENS Machine sends soft electrical currents to your body through special patches (electrodes) that stick to your skin.

These currents are very mild, and don’t hurt at all.

When the machine sends these electrical waves through your skin, they travel along your nerves..

These gentle currents help to block and disrupt the pain signals that are going to your brain.

So, even though the cause of the pain might still be there, TENS helps you not to feel it as much because your brain doesn’t get the same “pain” messages.

The electrical pulses also stimulate other types of nerves in your body.

When these nerves are stimulated, they help your body produce natural pain relievers called endorphins, while aiding in blood flow to the effected regions.

Simply attach the EasyStick pads to the effected regions, turn the device on, and feel the immediate relief.

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Thousands of People Have Managed to Reverse Neuropathy Using This Device

But Wait, There's More! Secure Your Vibit TENS Machine Today and Unlock all of These Exclusive Bonuses

FREE Shipping.

24/7 Customer Support so you can have all your questions and concerns answered by trained professionals via phone, email, or chat.

These bonuses alone are worth their weight in gold because it feels like you have your own personal doctor at your disposal 24/7.

I’ve asked a heap of questions since I got my TENS machine and I received my answer within 12-24 hours every single time.

Had I received that level of support from one of the specialists in my local hospital, they would probably charge me thousands!

This way, I’m not paying a dime.

And the Best Part Is, You Don’t Have to Decide Today! Simply Try It for 30 Days - Risk-FREE - and FEEL the Relief For Yourself

Your wellness journey is pivotal for us, and Dr. Edwards, together with the Vibit TENS team, is steadfast in ensuring it's both effective and assured.

How can you be certain that Vibit TENS will grant you the relief you need?

You don't have to take our word for it – try it for yourself, entirely risk-free!

🌟 Special 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 🌟

Your confidence in Vibit TENS is essential, and that’s why Dr. Edwards assures a foolproof 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Here's how it works:

👣 Step 1: Secure one or more Vibit TENS units today.
👣 Step 2: Experience its relieving power for a full 30 days.
👣 Step 3: If your pains aren’t eased and your life isn’t changed, your purchase will be refunded promptly.

In simpler terms, your investment is only retained if Vibit TENS proves to be your sought-after pain reliever.

Speaking from experience, it’s very likely to be the solution you’ve been searching for.

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Ready? Here’s How to Place Your Order

It will promptly navigate you to Vibit’s official, secure website.

Your exclusive, one-time deal awaits you there, specially crafted for our new customers. (Up to 40% OFF)

All it takes is a simple click on “GET 40% OFF,” and your discount code activates automatically.

Next, you’ll go straight to the checkout page, a quick step where you’ll detail your name, address, and credit card information.

...Then choose the quantity of Vibit TENS you desire.

We recommend getting one for yourself and a friend or family member because the discount only grows when you get more!

Vibit saves significantly on shipping by consolidating more products into a single box, and we’re thrilled to pass those savings onto you.

Give them the gift of pain relief and if you, or the lucky person you get it for don’t like it, you can return it risk free with our 30-day results or refund guarantee!

So, whenever you’re ready, tap the large, inviting green button below and secure your Vibit Massagers today at an exceptional 40% OFF!

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4.8 | 1,366 Reviews

Tens Machine

Instant relief even from chronic pain

Activates muscle pressure, relieves discomfort

Sooth numbness/prickling in hands and feet

Healthier legs in just 30 days or your money back


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"Wonderful. I suffer from piriformis sciatica and the tens is so easy to use and relieves the pain. Great buy."

Terry B.

"This unit is amazing. So much better without the leads. Very good quality compact design. Plenty of power. Definitely superior to my previous and more expensive unit."

Sue L.

"Have had the machine for two weeks and it is a game changer for my pain levels. It is super easy to use, can put them on and continue what I am doing without leads etc getting in the way."

Emily P.

"Great machine, easy to use and love there is no wires. Works extremely well has helped my referral pain from my gluts down my legs. Also fantastic at pain relief on my shoulder. Highly recommend"

Nicole J.

"The convenience of being wire free is fabulous. Easy to make sticky again with a bit of water."

Jodie P.

"Great device, easy to use especially as it's wireless. Can put pads literally from head to toe without the hassle of wires. Compact, great to have in handbag for travelling."

Dianna I.

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