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About Us

We believe that everyone deserves a pain free body. Accessible pain relief and recovery is what we deliver and stand behind. Vibit redirects the stigma that associates bodily pain with active sports and professional athletes.

Research shows that 2 in 3 Australians over 15 experience regular bodily pain. The Vibit is for office workers, manual laborers, stay at home parents, yogis, growing teenagers, athletes and everyone in between. Vibit meets the needs of the everyday Australian with its affordable, functional and compact design.

Physical pain is known to be strongly related to the development of mental health problems including depression, anxiety and mental distress. Our mental state dictates the quality of our lives and how we experience it. Vibit recognises the interdependence of mind and body and exists to help you vibe your body, vibe your mind and vibe your life.

Our Founders

Stephen Hamilton

Bachelor’s Mechanical Engineering

“Sitting at a desk all day was the biggest contributor to my back pain. Consistent discomfort started to take a mental toll. 5 minutes a day has changed my life.”

Benjamin Mitchell

Ex-Professional Tennis Player

“As a professional athlete it was a constant balancing act between performance and recovery. Existing products haven’t delivered the compact and functional design needed for a travelling athlete, until now”